Our philosophy

Rooster Malt considers the sourcing of locally farmed goods to be an important piece in reclaiming the agricultural identity that New England’s was founded on. This fits seamlessly with the ideals of craft malting.  We are building relationships with local farmers all over New England, to source quality grains, for a locally sourced, quality beer.  We firmly believe that supporting local farmers, not only gives local brewers a unique product to work with, but it also improves our community.

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About Rooster Malt


A family business

James, Kara, Jakob, and Millie, spend a lot of time at the malthouse to bring you a unique, quality, product!


Supporting local agriculture is a key piece to our philosophy

While it's only part of our job, we love visiting the farms that bring you the best quality grains for your fermented beverages!



We have an onsite lab to do simple tests to ensure your malt meets the specifications you want.  We also send each batch out for quality control analysis, to make sure our product is one that you can use with confidence.

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